Online practitioner training: ‘Inner Child Journeys’

I’m happy to announce: our third online training group starts soon, October 2020.

Based on my handbook by the same title, this skills-based course is for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and health practitioners. You will be welcome to join our vibrant and growing international community of inner-child-aware practitioners. For more information and to enroll: click HERE. I look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

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Seychelles prohibits all corporal punishment of children!

Woo-hoo, Seychelles! Children can never again be smacked there, not by parents, not by anyone – it’s against the law. This is the ninth African nation to prohibit. Such great news! The last bastion of domestic violence is that which we rationalize as ‘discipline’ – and it is directed at the most vulnerable of all human beings. Well, no more of this in 9 African nations, and counting. And what is the Global Countdown? That makes 60 countries now. With 28 more fully committed to reform. Every year, more.

Violence begins at home.

So does Peace.

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Social and Global Activism – starting from our Inner Child …

I always love podcast conversations with Lisa Reagan from Kindred Media. Here is our latest fireside chat, and once again it gives me great pleasure to share this with you. The real and abiding world-changes begin from way deep inside. A New World begins with … our Inner Child. Why? Well, pour your tea, take a seat … and press ‘play’.

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Inner Child Journeys – Online Training for Practitioners

I’m thrilled to announce the second online training course for practitioners, based on my new book: “Inner Child Journeys”. Join our vibrant and growing community of psychologists, counsellors and coaches and become a Journey Guide. In this evidence-based, practical and experiential course you’ll learn to weave dynamic, healing and uplifting Inner-Child-aware conversations as part of your practice.

To find out more about the course:

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New Webinar: Inner Child Journeys – for parents, teachers, elders, carers

I’m excited to present this new online course, hosted by Dominique Ben. Deep inside you there is a rich source of intuitive knowledge about healing pathways, for you and for others. If you want to learn how to turn the challenges of parenting and the conflicts of relationships into profound, personal growth and healing opportunities, this course if for you. You will learn to connect to a deep source of natural intuition; to empower you as a parent or teacher, and to enhance all of your relationships. Finally, you will learn how to be a Journey Guide for others. Click for bookings and more information.

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My Book Launch – the Outtakes!

In case you missed out on our Book Launch: in celebration of my newest book: “Inner Child Journeys” … here’s is some of what happened. Feel free to message me if you have questions about my new book! (CLICK HERE)

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Inner Child Journeys – Online Training for Practitioners

I’m thrilled to announce this inaugural online training course, based on my new book: “Inner Child Journeys”. This skills-based course is designed for psychologists, counsellors and coaches, so you can become a Journey Guide. Learn how to weave dynamic, healing and uplifting Inner Child aware conversations as part of your work.

To find out more about the course…

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My story, my work, my vision

In this video, the legendary Jack Travis, founder of the Wellness movement in USA, interviews me about the influences and life experiences that drive my work. Where did my vocational leanings and passions come from? What has shaped me? It was wonderful to take inventory and feel the import of the gifts, bumps and bruises – how my formative experiences have directed my writing and my work as a psychologist.

I’m honored to have been asked and happy to share these stories with you. Here it is!

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Inner Child Journeys, taking off in Hong Kong

Though we are all so richly and wonderfully diverse, deep down, we are so, very much the same.

My trainees (I’m proud of them!) have just successfully delivered their first Inner Child Journeys in Hong Kong – and this is what happened: (make sure you have switched on the subtitles, Cantonese (will show English with it) in the settings before viewing the video).

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Inner Child Process – a training for practitioners

Based on my new handbook: Inner Child Journeys – how our children grow us up’, this online six-session training is for health practitioners (psychologists, counsellors, coaches, bodyworkers, etc). Help your clients turn the challenges and conflicts of parenting (and relationships generally) into transformative, healing and growth opportunities.
To find out more, watch this video, then scroll down and click on ‘read more’ …

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